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Forms and Applications

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  • Municipal Budget Submission Form - PDF PDF (96 KB) - Excel (1.2 MB)
  • Local Service District Budget Submission Form - PDF PDF (45 KB) - Excel (1 MB)

Financial Evaluation Forms

  • Financial Evaluation Form for Municipalities - PDF PDF (53 KB) - Excel (176 KB)
  • Financial Evaluation Form for Local Service Districts - PDF PDF (56 KB) - Excel (167 KB)

Land Use Planning - Appeal Form

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Municipal Infrastructure Forms

Municipal Long Service Awards

Municipal Training

Community Relocation

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Crown Lands

  • Application for Crown Lands PDF (135 KB)
    This form is to be used by all individuals wishing to apply for Crown land. An application fee of $150.00 plus HST is required.
  • Application for Consent and Notice of Assignment of Lease/Licence PDF (322 KB)
    To transfer/assign a lease or licence from one individual to another, this form must be fully completed by the seller(s) and the purchaser(s). An assignment application fee of $200.00 is required, and all lease/licence rental fees must be paid up to date.
  • Application for Grant Pursuant to Lease PDF (496 KB)
    This form is required if you are the holder of a lease/licence and you wish to convert to a freehold grant. Please submit the completed application form directly to one of the regional offices along with an application processing fee of $150.00 plus HST.
  • Application for Renewal of Lease/Licence PDF (365 KB)
    This form is to be completed if you are a licence holder and your licence has expired. There is no application fee to renew, but all rentals must be paid up to date.
  • Application for Grant of Land - Squatter's Rights PDF (299 KB)
    This form is to be completed if you are applying to obtain a grant under Section 36 of the Lands Act. An application fee of $150.00 is required.
  • Notice of Intent PDF (308 KB)
    This form must be completed and published in the Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette if your Crown lands’ application includes land within 15 metres of a lake, pond, seashore or foreshore or along each bank of a river. For example, this form would be needed if you are applying to construct a boathouse, wharf, slipway, airplane hangar or recreational trail. The Notice of Intent must be published in the Gazette within 21 days of submitting your application to the Lands Branch, Municipal Affairs.

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