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Lands Act – Section 7 Notifications

Section 7(5) of the Lands Act requires the Department of Municipal Affairs to publish the following information with respect to an application that includes the shoreline reservation on its website within 5 days of the date the application is received:

  1. the exception under which the application is being made;
  2. a description of the lands in respect of which the application is being made; and
  3. notice that a person who wishes to object to the application must file the objection with reasons for it with the minister within 30 days from the date the notice is posted on the department's website.

Notices will be posted as they are received at the Regional Lands Office.

Section 7 Notifications

Region Application # Location Purpose Date Posted
Eastern 151286 Ship Harbour/Big Pond (Long Harbour) Wharf (Existing) March 16, 2017
Eastern 151283 Freshwater Pond Boathouse/Wharf March 16, 2017
Central 151278 Stanhope Wharf March 15, 2017
Eastern 151227 St. Jones Within Boathouse/Wharf March 6, 2017
Central 151220 Thunder Brook Zipline March 3, 2017
Western 151162 Woody Point (Crolly Cove) Boat House and Wharf February 24, 2017
Central 151117 Gander River Wharf and Slipway February 22, 2017
Eastern 151028 Harbour Grace Marine Industrial Park February 21, 2017
Western 150934 Port Saunders Boat House and Wharf February 13, 2017
Western 150920 Bide Arm Wharf/Break Water February 10, 2017
Central 150793 Happy Adventure Boathouse and Wharf February 9, 2017
Eastern 150868 Thorburn Lake Wharf February 6, 2017
Western 150773 Humber Arm Bay of Islands (Davis Cove) Boat House February 3, 2017
Central 131770 Intricate Harbour, Cottlesville Commercial (Parking lot, Bed and Breakfast, Wharf, Infilling January 30, 2017
Western 77433 Benoit’s Cove Fish Processing Facility January 9, 2017
Eastern 150674 Jobs Pond Wharf January 11, 2017
Western 150686 Indian Pond Float Plane Hanger January 11, 2017
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